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Native People's Mission

  • In 1972 Native Peoples’ Parish began as a Chaplaincy when Father Barney Mayhew was asked by the Toronto Bishops to represent the church’s response to the increasing number of First Nations people leaving the reserves for permanent urban residences. He has worked with Ojibway and Odawa people in the Sault Ste. Marie diocese. He began the weekly celebrations of the Eucharist in one of the Jesuit houses and then moved to St. Ann Parish.

  • In 1979, Wigwamen Terrace was opened for the Native residents. Fr. Mayhew SJ that had come to live with them, made a chapel for community prayer.
  • From 1983 to 1985 the Native mission in Toronto was looked after by both Oblates and Jesuits priests. Fr. Jack Davis OMI began to celebrate Sunday mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. 

  • From 1985 to 1995 The Oblates Fathers were asked by Bishop Ambrozic to establish the Native Peoples’ Parish at St. Vincent de Paul Church. The Oblate Fathers looked after the spiritual needs of the people. The Wigwamen Terrace always remained a place for Sunday celebrations.

  • On the Christmas Eve 1996 after searching for an appropriate place for worship, the Native Peoples’ mission was moved back to St. Ann’s Parish, completing the full circle. From then on to present Native peoples’ mission has become a place where Native people, being faithful to their traditions, could worship together as a Christian community. 

  • Until the year 2007, the Native people were looked after by the Oblate Fathers. Fr. Vaughan Quinn OMI was instrumental in keeping the Christian faith alive among Native people. This mission was taken over by the Holy Cross Fathers as Fr. Frank Wagner became the administrator of Native Peoples’ Parish.

  • Since November 2013 to the present, Fr. Wilson Andrade, Csc is the administrator of Native People Parish.

  • Since November 2022, Fr. Francis Salasiar, Csc has served as Pastor.

  • The Mission, located at 120 First Ave. in Toronto, offers an enculturated weekly Sunday Mass at 12:30 that honours traditional spirituality. All are welcome.