St.Ann Church outside

Historical Highlights

St. Ann Parish History

  • In January, 1908, the late Rev. Hugh J. Canning, then pastor of St. Joseph’s, purchased the old Presbyterian Church at the corner of Bolton Ave. and Gerrard St, marking the beginning of St. Ann Parish.

  • In January, 1909, Rev. Thomas O’ Donnell was appointed the first Pastor of the newly formed Parish of St. Ann.

  • On Sunday, June 29, 1913, the corner stone of the new church was laid by the late Most Rev. Neil McNeil.

  • On the feast of St. Ann, July 26, 1914, the first Mass was said in the New St. Ann’s Church by the late Archbishop McNeil at the 11o’clock Mass.

  • The late Fr. Thomas O’Donnell was appointed Bishop of Victoria, B.C. and sang his first Pontifical High Mass in St. Ann’s on Sunday, February 18, 1924.

  • In 1914, the original stain-glass windows were purchased from Germany and it wasn’t until 1921 that they were fully paid.

  • In 1939, St. Ann’s Church celebrated its Silver Jubilee with improvements made to the building including up-to-date lightning, repaired windows and new frescos decorating the dome over the main Altar, and all throughout the Church walls.

  • From 1962 to 1964, many changes to the Church were made according to the Second Vatican Council. From these changes the main Altar was kept. Due to the financial crisis, the church could not maintain beautiful murals and paintings of St. Ann and Our Lady of the Rosary so they had to whitewash them.

  • In 1979, the Holy Cross Fathers were entrusted with the care of the Parish under Rev. Andrew Morasse, CSC, then other priests Patrick Walsh, CSC (1982 – 85), Norman Bordage, CSC (1985 – 89), Andrew Morasse, CSC (1989 – 2005), Frank Wagner, CSC (2006 – 2014) and Wilson Andrade, CSC (2014- present) continue to serve the parish.  

St. Ann Parish Mission
Moved by the Good News of Christ Jesus, St. Ann’s is a servant community where we: 

  • value our diversity and welcome everyone;
  • provide a safe circle for the growth of the human spirit free from judgmental attitudes;
  • are committed to just and compassionate action;
  • joyfully celebrate and participate in the Sacraments.