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Development and Peace

Coordinator: Catherine Barry

Number of Members: 2 members

Ministry’s Brief History: St. Ann Parish’s Development and Peace Committee has a long-standing history at the parish. As a servant community, we are committed to just and compassionate action by promoting and supporting social justice throughout the world.


  • To become more aware of and take action on the issues of poverty, injustice and harmful development in both developing and developed countries.

2019 Report:

The Development and Peace Committee participates in various events and campaigns throughout the liturgical year. We are involved in Lenten season activities, special humanitarian causes, and the selling of fair trade products to support local causes. For 2017, Development and Peace focused on the Share Lent campaign, “Share the Journey” as well as its Education and Action campaign, “For Our Common Home”.

Projections for 2020:

  • To focus on understanding and developing solidarity with social movements in the developing world.
  • Continue to make ourselves and St. Ann’s parishioners more aware of the needs of the world’s poorest nations and the implications involved in our own lifestyle choices.
  • Encourage the community to take action on social justice issues.
  • Welcome new members into joining the ministry.